Thursday, November 14, 2013

Best Second Life Interactive Art Installation of All Time - Moving Islands at LEA 20

Arrive Inside This Head -  And Sit in a Boat With The Skull People

Moving Islands
The Cosmogony of Rafts and other improbable floating beings.
Lead Artist: Eupalinos Ugajin

Moving Islands, a collaborative project over at Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) 20, is the single best and most fun art installation of all time in Second Life. You simply most visit.

The installation is not yet finished, even though it is formally opened. I like the regional light settings (I set these photographs to them) which give off a bronze-colored light and very glassy water surfaces. Make sure your sound setting is on and turned up. When you arrive, you are given the choice of costumes - I wear the cool frogman suit in these photographs.

Overhead view of one of the odd morphing "rafts" in the exhibit

You will find yourself arriving in an enclosed carnival funhouse. filled with strange cartoon character "skull people" (below).  You then join them for a boat ride. Your ride will quickly turn into a strange dream. Are you floating or flying?  Make sure to interact with various shapes by interacting with them (sit in edit).  The entire experience actually made my head spin for a while. I could not tell which direction my frogman avatar was floating or flying, and lost perceptive ability due to the optical effects. I could easily have spent three hours enjoying this exhibit (I only spent one0 and will be coming back. Highly recommended. The project is open through December.


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