Saturday, November 30, 2013

Animated GIFs: Benja and Ryce Dance at Hesperia of Templemore

I did not produce these animations. Google's Picasa did from a series of 7-9 matched single images.

To see more photography and my review of this live music destination:

Great Second Life Destinations for the Winter Holidays: Winter White Paradise

The Winter Holidays are my favorite time to photograph, and visit Sims celebrating Christmas and New Years  From now until very early January, we can visit magical places which remind us of childhood Christmas dreams come true.  Although the name of this destination might sound a bit odd to those of us who are politically sensitive, White Winter Paradise is a gorgeous place.  The Northern Lights fly overhead, whales are in the harbor, and Christmas lights sparkle everywhere.  Make sure to visit for your start to the holiday season. Highly recommended.

Here is the SLurl to visit:

Friday, November 29, 2013

Second Life Photo of the Day: Sommer Shepherd, Estate Manager of the New England Islands

Sommer is the estate manager of the gorgeous New England Islands and was kind enough to let me photograph her at her gorgeous home.  Please contact Sommer if you would like to live in this gorgeous collection of some of the most scenic islands in Second Life.

Ryce Skytower and Sommer Shepherd 

Sommer's Home in the New England Islands

Great Second Life Destinations for the Winter Holidays: Calas Galadhon, Secoind Life's Premier Destination for the Winter Holidays

The first of my photography for this year from the amazing Calas Galadhon, Second Life's premier winter destination.

The top 7 photographs were taken using the recommended parcel Windlight settings.  I used my own on the lower photograph of the Christmas tree to get a black sky effect.

To Visit:

To Find Out More about Calas Galadhon (including information on events and live music):

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Great Second Life Destinations for the Winter Holidays: Skating at Winter Holiday Village with Benja

To visit this classic Second Life Winter Destination:

Great Black Friday Deal at Dell Alienware - A Great Desktop Computer for Second Life for $587.02

Although I do not need a new computer, I like to look at deals for gaming computers optimal for Second Life.

Alienware, now owned by Dell, is a legendary gaming brand.

This is not a laptop (which I do not like much for gaming)-- this is a small desktop "minitower" which requires a monitor. You can pick one up -- a nicely sized 24 inch one-  for well under $200 to use with this. You will also need a keyboard, mouse, and an extended warranty -- the ones Dell sells are fine. I would pick up a three year warranty for this from either Dell or Square Trade, my favorite independent warranty company (note-  I am not on the referral program and do not earn anything with my recommendations).

You can find my parameters here in an posting I wrote last week:

This Dell Alienware computer is an amazing buy at under $600.00 today:

It fits all my requirements as I outlines here last week. And you still get Windows 7.

You can pay $49.00 to raise your RAM to 8 gigs. I would do this if I were buying this, but you do not need to. It will run SL just fine with 6 Gigs of RAM as long as you are not multitasking or making machinima, or doing things like running two viewers at once.

The all-important Intel CPU (processor) and NVDIA graphics card are highly rated and should do a great job at running Second Life in very high graphics (if you have the bandwidth of course).  Here are the Passmark Benchmarks:


Graphics Card:

There is no shipping charge (regular delivery) but you may need to pay tax.

Take a very serious look at this please. This is an absolute killer purchase at the price from Dell -- with its great service record.

Club Photography: The Secret Place Thanksgiving Even Party on Wednesday Night With DJ Jagger Naughton

Almost everyone was naked at the party -
These photographs are the only ones that I can run here. 

To see mature photography from the event head over to Ryce's blog.
(warning readers 18 and over please, full frontal nudity content):