Saturday, October 19, 2013

The November Issue of SL Photography is Out: Special Focus on Black and White Photography in Second Life

Note from Eddi: The November Issue of Joapedro Oh's SL Photography Magazine is out. The focus of this issue is black and white. I wrote the introduction to the issue which I show below. My photography contribution begins on page 70.

Welcome to the November 2013 issue of SL Photography. The theme of this month’s issue is black and white, a format that is not common in Second Life photography. Black and white photography presents a challenge. The raw sensory power of color, which allows for infinite flexibility in palette selection are missing from black and white images. Yet, when looking at the black and white works of some of Second Life best photographers, something grabs us. It is as if we are looking at Second Life for the first time. Images which were pleasing to look at now become emotionally powerful. What is going on here?

We are discovering what the admirers of early 20th century masters have found in admiring the landscapes of Ansel Adams, portraits of Diane Arbus, or street scenes of Alfred Steiglitz. This photography was done before photographic technology allowed color images to move to center stage. Black and white photography has a raw emotional power that is unmatched, and is both gorgeous and sensual, challenging the viewer to look at familiar sights in new ways.

Please enjoy the black and white photography produced for this issue, as well as new color images submitted by some of the best photographers in Second Life. We hope you are as excited as we are about our publication.

Eddi Haskell

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