Monday, October 7, 2013

Some Recent Images of Ryce Skytower Who Celebrate's His Fifth Rez Day Today

Ryce is 5 years old today. I am sharing some recent images with our readers of Ryce, and his amazing husband Benja Aquila in this post.

I will celebrate only one Rez Day in Second Life this year as Eddi Haskell, who will be 7 years old on January 22, 2014 - but 5 years is a milestone, and Benja and I will be celebrating Ryce's Rez Day at our own today.

Happy Rez Day Ryce!


  1. Tell Ryce happy 5th rezday wherever he is tonight from Avacar & Ricogenu!!!

  2. Happy 5th Ryce. Now that you are getting older you must take good care of your self. You dont look a day over 4. smile


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