Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Great Second Life Destinations for Halloween Week: The Nightmare Halloween Walkthrough

The Nightmare Halloween Walkthrough and Scavenger Hunt is a Second Life editor's pick for this week.  It is a long walk, with many destinations included falling tunnels, sewers with strange creatures in them, and radioactive scenes with dead people colored a deep read from too much radiation.  Little touches, like realistic bodies floating in the pool, and baked people laying dead on the floor in the sauna are nice.

The destination says that prizes and free items are available to any souls willing to brave a terrifying journey through darkest terror - although I skipped this part of the tour.

The destination is best experiences at a Midnight light setting, with sound on high, and a Mouselook view. I had to do a regular view to take these images, and the walk through was still enjoyable this way.  I toured the destination as a skelaton wearing a stiped suit which you can see in some of the photos below.

Recommended for a visit. SLurl:

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