Thursday, October 17, 2013

Great Second Life Art Installations: Overto Omonto by Romy Nayar, A Dark and Spooky Place to Visit

Overto Omonto is a dark and mysterious art installation -- I lightened up the sky a bit to show some details in these photographs using the set Windlight, but the overall effect is quite spooky. It is a great place to put you in the mood to begin your celebrations of Halloween over the next two wee,s.

Creator Romy Nayar used interesting sculpted people and animals around the sim which you can photograph yourself with. Ryce was at Spurt before he visited, which explains his out-of-place speedo in the lower photographs. He knows he has to dress up more to fit in places like this.

To visit:

Honour Mcmillan has a good review and excellent photography over at her blog:

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