Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Dark Moon Avalon Isles

Dark Moon sim has changed again. It was most recently an Indian-based sim (the Indian Subcontinent), my
September review can be found here. It is now based on Mists of Avalon and set in the British Aisles during pre-Arthurian times.  Once you arrive, make sure your sounds are on and click a sign to rez a boat to the misty isles. Very atmospheric and well worth a visit.

Avalon is a role-play sim so please do not talk in public chat, and try to dress in a medieval outfit if you visit
You can find a 15 linden men's outfit on SL Exchange here. Low-cost outfits for ladies are also available.

I took these photographs using the recommended sim environmental settings:
 /*Sky:"*London2026"Water:"[NB] Turbid Reflections"*/


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