Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bock in SecondLife: An Invitation From The Gay Archipelago

This message from the Gay Archipelago is over on Bock's blog today:

Hello! My name is Garth Raleigh and I am the Lead of the Gay Archipelago in Second Life (fondly referred to as the GA). I'm writing to you today to extend an invitation to YOU to JOIN in the planning and operation of the upcoming LGBT Winter Festival in Second life!

The GA is widely considered to be the leader in the LGBT Community in this virtual platform and, as in past years we're getting set to present the SL Community with a major festival which will be enjoyed by thousands of people - from all over the real world and all over Second Life!

To find out about how you can involved head over to Bock's blog:

Bock in SecondLife: An Invitation From The Gay Archipelago

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