Monday, September 30, 2013

This Blog Has a Big Increase in Readership - Over 7,000 Unique Page Views in Past 3 Days

This blog has seen a big increase in readership this month. Over this weekend, from Friday - Sunday, we had over 7,000 unique page views (each reader is counted once even if they look at multiple pages in one visit).

The total number of pageviews  this blog has, according to Google, over the past four years is over 1,267,000. Readership for our first year was not counted by Google. The actual total is closer to 1,350,000. I am not going to report total readership until we hit our second million, which may be sooner than I think if the current readership bump continues. I think Benja is helping me by posting my posts to his huge number of G+ friends who check his blog out.  Whatever the case, I think the number of readers we have is what keeps me going here - so thanks again for your support!

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