Thursday, September 26, 2013

Portrait Photography from Spurt Beach

Tomtom Tabacznyk

To see mature photography of TomTom (not cut off from the waist up since this is not a mature blog) head over to Ryce's blog (warning readers 18 and over please):


David Jacob


Kolin Wylie


Ryce Skytower, Reese Zoon, and Kolin Wylie


Alpha boy Trent
entire set will run here tomorrow at Avatar Hunk of the Day


Zac Efron
entire set will shortly run here as Avatar Hunk of the Day


Ryce and Ricky Silentghost

Note: I did not make this GIF, Google did. I this noticed in a stack of photographs in sequential order that I had located onto Picasa.  Google took my images and turned them into a "motion GIF"  I think this is a very cool effect.

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