Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Great Second Life Destinations: Beautiful Ghostville, A Spooky and Surrealistic Destination by Cica Ghost

I really enjoyed my visit to Ghostville.  At first, the beautiful light setting and surrealistic landscape make a great impact. You then notice things like falling black rain, musical stick figures, and other ghostlike apparitions that really are well done. This is a must-see destination.

I took all photographs using the parcel Windlight setting, I like the smokey blue effect.  You can see Eddi in a red shirt in some of the photographs below.


Accurate description from the Second Life Destination Guide:

Come see Ghostville, the wonderful installation by Cica Ghost with its unique child-indie style. Ghostville is the third exhibition from this young virtual artist, who weaves her style and personality throughout each sample. Enjoy good vibrations, surprising quality and magnificent animation. Don't miss it!

Catch Honour McMillan's great review and photography at:

Machinima  by Erythro Asimov:

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