Saturday, September 14, 2013

Great Second Life Destinations: Toru, a Mysterious and Rugged Coastal Village

Flyfisher Walpole's Toru is a rugged coastal village that time has forgotten, and which is just a little bit creepy. You wonder where all the people have departed to. The detailing and landscaping are excellent, and little touches, such as the interior of a cafe (second photograph down) are very well done.

WayneNZ is the designer, and the sponsor of Toru is Fly. You can buy very nice New Zealand mesh tanks on the store near the entrance area, and help support the costs of maintaining Tour.

There images were taken with the recommended custom Windllight sky setting for the sim. The overall effect is of a gentle salty sea fog. The only exception is the dance area (last photograph) which was shot at midnight. Green Aurora Borealis can be seen off the coast at this light setting.

Toru is very reminiscent of Hazardous which I reviewed here earlier, but has been designed by another artist and is different in many ways. Highly recommended for a visit.

SLurl to arrival area:

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