Friday, September 13, 2013

Great Second Life Art Installations: Childhood at Mysterious Wave by Cherry Manga

Childhood, by the great Second Life artist Cherry Manga, is a charming art installation. The location of the exhibit is at the ground level of the Mysterious Wave store. Memories of childhood float on a purple sea; the overall effect is dreamlike. I took half these photographs with the Windlight setting used on the parcel, and the close ups (the brighter photographs) using a brighter violet setting for image detail, Strawberry Singh's Amethyst Wind light Setting Highly recommended for a visit. I am not sure how long this installation will be up, it opened on June 28, so get down there soon in case it closes soon.



Cherry Manga on Flickr:

Cherry Manga on You Tube:

Sign at Welcome Area

Here is a great machinima on the installation by Wizardoz Chrome

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