Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Yosemite Inspired Sim

View of Half Dome Mountain at Second Life Yosemite 

Yosemite National Park in California is one of the three most famous national parks in the United States, the others being the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. Yosemite has gorgeous lakes, waterfalls, wildlife, and  mountains, the most famous being Half Dome which you can see in the top photo. I wanted to revisit Second Life Yosemite since it came very close to losing all its trees and wildlife in a huge fire that started in September. Luckily, the fire is now under control.

The Yosemite destination which I photographed last year is no longer standing. However, a magnificent new sim simply called Yosemite Inspired Sim can be visited and is gorgeous. There is a very romantic cabin lodge which you can visit on the sim (which I assume is open to the public). Make sure to wander the grounds to see all the wildlife -- including bears, buffalo, and a wolf pack - looking good in their natural setting.

Highly recommended for a visit.



For more photography from this destination from Benja Aquila:

To see my review of last year's Yosemite build that is no longer standing:

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