Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Dark Moon India

There are not many India-themed destinations in Second Life right at the current time. It is a real shame, since the Indian subcontinent offers some of the most gorgeous architecture and landscapes anywhere.  This new destination (the India builds on Dark Moon are recent) is a good compliment to the Ganesh Hindu Temple at Nautilus City which I reviewed here last year as an Indian subcontinent virtualization.

Dark Moon - India offers painted elephants, tigers, Brahman cattle, and birds of all sizes to a gorgeous thick Indian forest landscape.  There is also a temple for you to visit, and many poses for individuals and couples that make this place a good destination for photography. I liked the feel of the stairs down to the sunken river set to warm evening light.

Highly recommended for a visit.


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  1. I am here right now and it would appear they have changed the theme of their sim..... It is now Dark Moon Avalon Isle. It is very pretty.... but not India (which I was looking for.) But a good place to visit!


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