Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blogging Tip: Always Put a Hyperlink to Your Home Page in a Prominent Position on your Blog To Build Viewership

I picked this tip up from JayR Cela at the Virtual World Technologist.

Always put a Hyperlink to your home page under your masthead or near the top of your blog. It will help build readership since many people will not arrive at your home page -- and may want to check the rest of your content out.

You can do this in blogger by placing a text widget in your layout and making sure you use a hyperlink for your blogs name.

This is a very easy way to built readership, and something that I never thought of until I saw Jay's blog.


  1. Hi Eddi, its an interesting feature but do we need it?

    As far as I know and on all blogs I know, if I go up and click on the blog-header I come to the home page. The blog-header is seen at the top of the page whatever post I may be reading.

    Did I perhaps misunderstand something?

  2. I do not think everyone realizes this. I checked my stats today and I see that my blog refered the following number of hits to my blog (internal leads) this afternoon:

    This just makes it easier for people to figure it out. I saw JayR Cela do it who knows web technology, and I thought it made sense.


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