Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bee Glasswing's Must-See New Art Exhibit "Bad Baby" Is Now Open

Bee Glasswing has a large scale and very well done new exhibit called "bad baby" which is now open.  I enjoy Bee's artwork and urge you to visit, he truly is a unique multimedia artist. Bee write the following about his new exhibit:

"bad baby" is about me, as most of my work is, which is why the first thing you see when you tp up to the gallery is a picture of me and my mom. its a conversation, an explanation, a chain-smoke of thought. its about how things never turn out as planned. its about the self destruct button hidden inside the American dream. its about how that shiny, happy, glowing bundle of future eventually turns into a smudge in the rearview mirror.

it will be there the month of septemeber. the slurl is below. when you land at the OKEY Design store, look to the right, outside of the store and you will see a large sign that says "Gallery Bee" the tp to the gallery is in front of the sign. as always, thank you for you time and support. hugs and bugs, 
----Bee Glasswing

You can visit "bad baby" at OKEY Design here:

Note: All photography in article is by Bee Glasswing and run with his permission.

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