Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Second Pride Election Results Are In: Damian Tar Wins Tightly Contested Race For Chairman

Note from Eddi Haskell:  I am cutting and pasting this directly from Facebook as-is.

I think all the candidates deserve a great amount of thanks from all of us --winners or not. This was a difficult election, and without all this hard. volunteer work, there would not be a Second Pride.

Message from Damian Tar on Facebook:

I just wanted to thank everyone that voted, I will try hard to represent you well, listen to you and work with you all.

For those candidates that were not elected, I hope that you continue to work to unite the community and bring it together for the better good.

As well as be involved in debate and discussion with the direction that Second Pride will take.

The results are in. The wait over. Special thanks to the election committee for all their help, Congratulation to the winners.

On August 18th at 11AM slt The new Board will be installed and have their 1st meeting as a Board of Second Pride. The existing Board will step down at that time and any transfers will take place at that time. ---  Damian Tar

Chairman: Damientar Resident

70 Dextrum Boucher
76 Damientar Resident

Secretary/Co-Chair: Petr Vanbeeck

65 AndreaLong Resident
75 Petr Vanbeeck

Treasurer: SquirtN Wonder

123 SquirtN Wonder

Events Director Mjshotboy Skytower

70 Mz Marville
75 Mjshotboy Skytower

Community Relations Director: Karl Kalchek

46 Garrett Ceriano
68 Karl Kalchek
29 joshuadrew Resident

Building Director: Mr Gracemount

121 Mr Gracemount

Security Director: Gaius Tripsa

120 Gaius Tripsa

Marketing Director: Tylo Mabellon
121 Tylo Mabellon

Communications/IT Director:

jaggernaughton Garyd Resident
27 jaggernaughton Resident

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