Monday, August 12, 2013

Remembering Marcus Steeplechase Who Passed Away Last Week - A Truly Great Second Lifer Who Is Missed By Many

One of my favorite photographs of Marcus

I found out the Marcus Steeplechase, someone who I have known quite well since I rezzed into Second Life over 6 years ago passed away last week. Marcus was truly a great guy; his club, Ironworks was one of the best and most friendly on the scene. Marcus did an enormous amount of work with Second Pride and helped build the organization to even greater heights. Marcus was also great fun -- I remember him posing for me in the bathtub in the photograph above in the middle of his hot club one evening.

There will be at least one memorial event for Marcus, check out the Second Pride Facebook Page for information. As soon as I know anything about an event I will let you know here.

Marcus at Second Pride in 2010

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  1. Looking back, Marcus and company had the best club and best party's back in the heyday. Second Life has lost a great mentor and an imaginative icon.
    There will never be moments like those again in Second Life and glad I have a hard drive full of pictures and memories.


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