Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Message From Doc Spad, Outgoing Chair of Second Pride About the Recent Board Elections -- Just Released on Facebook

Note From Eddi:

Doc Spad, the Outgoing Chair of Second Pride just released this message about questions concerning the recent election for Second Pride Officers. I thought I would run it here since it has been generating quite a bit of comments on Facebook and in  other blogs.

Tonight the current Board of Second Pride met to address the issues brought up on Facebook by Kyle Beckett.

It was determined that the lists that Kyle had worked from was an early version and did not include all voter names. Some of the people that were listed did vote and their votes were in fact counted. At no time were members of the election committee privy to who voted for any specific candidate.

That being said. It appears that because the log on button was at the bottom of the page some people may have voted without being logged onto the system. Depending on the browser used the system responded to votes sent with a notice informing the voter to “please register”. This notice would have appeared on the screen differently depending on the browser used. This may have resulted in people thinking they had voted, when they had not signed into the site.

The Board would like to apologize to members for the confusion that occurred during this voting process and would hope that next years board can address this issue and come up with a better system. The people that worked tirelessly to monitor the system and help voters with issues did the best job that they could. The election was executed to the best of our ability.

This years election has been divisive. Passions ran high and I think we can all agree that things got out of hand. The Board feels that Pride needs to return to some form of stability and a refocus on PRIDE’S mission and put the past behind us. We would like to congratulate those that will be serving on the the 2014 Board and wish them luck.

for the 2013 Board of Directors
Doc Spad

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