Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Perizada - Mountain Town

Perizada is a gorgeous residential sim built around a range of stunning mountains. It is very much a fantasy, with parrots living in hidden caves and pink flamingos sunning themselves. The interior of the jazz club is very well done, and is just about everyplace on this great build. It is open for visitation, with very friendly residents (see our photograph with our new friend below), but please be respectful and do not enter private homes unless invited. Highly recommended for a visit.

Description from The Second Life Destination Guide:

Come see this beautiful setting up in the mountain ruins of Perizada. Ah, Perizada, where the lotus flowers bloom and blossoms fall from the trees. Here rests a small town built around gorgeous historical ruins.


Benja and Ryce with Kollari, a Resident of Perizada

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