Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Black Basalt Beach - A Design Masterpiece

Rosy Highwater's Black Basalt Beach is a gorgeous new destination that has been much anticipated. Volcanic black basalt rock, rolling waves, geysers, pines, and an isolated lighthouse reminded me of Denmark's Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic.

I took these images using the pale greenish/gray light that the environmental sky is set to at the destination.
I thought the light foggy ocean effect was quite realistic.

Rosy wrote a  very nice poem about Black Basalt Beach which accurately describes this new must-see destination:

Gray Skies over a dark sandy beach, wet sand sticks to your toes.
Ocean scents carried in the wind, salt on your tongue.
You watch shadows dancing off the Basalt cliffs and rocks on the shore.
You want to stay a little more, Welcome to Black Basalt Beach.

SLURL to destination:

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