Monday, August 19, 2013

Ask Eddi: How Does a Girl "Who Sleeps Around" In College Fix Her Reputation?

She wants to fix her "reputation"

This question comes from a concerned reader on a college campus:

Dear Eddi:

My first semester of college I kind of messed up my reputation by sleeping with a few basketball players and being loud and obnoxious. I have since gotten therapy and changed my life around this summer. How do I change how people think about me on campus?! Help! I'm a good person who just made bad decisions.

Who wouldn't want to "sleep around" with some of these guys?

My Answer:

Dear Horizontally Challenged Reader:

I do not want to sound snide but where are you going to school?

A conservative college like  Brigham Young University, for example, or a big party school like Ohio State?

At a conservative religious campus, you will probably never get over your reputation as "a girl who sleeps around". However, given the fact that you have been so much fun in the past may actually mean that your social life is admired by more conservative girls who are not getting any. You probably will always be thought of fondly by any Basketball Team anywhere.

However, at a more wild school, I really do not think anyone will care less about your past reputation. In fact, your "therapy" might be an interesting topic of discussion.

Also, the size of your college will be important. If you are a school with over 10,000 students, you can easily blend in and start a new life. If your school has only 2,000 students, it will be harder.

It seems to me that your "bad" reputation might be a blessing in disguise if you are seen as someone who is good fun and "readily available".

And that is my advice for today!

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