Saturday, August 31, 2013

Very Cool Machinima: Demonstration of Second Life Viewed Through Oculus Rift Headset-

This machinima by Vidyadude shows how great Second Life looks when viewed through an Oculus Rift Headset. The 3D visualization will be a major improvement for many users in terms of realism. Developer headsets are available now for $300. The plan is to make consumer versions avaialbe at this price in 2014. I cannot wait to get one.  I think this could be the "killer app" that makes Second Life take off in terms of usership.

To find out more about Oculus Rift:

Forbes Article about the headset pricing stragegy - at $300.

Here is a current article over at New World Notes;

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: North

Amazon Silverweb, the Marketing Director of Avenue, has built a gorgeous destination called North on the Shadow Falls sim, The effects of plantings and landscaping are some of the best anywhere.  Although most of the sim is open for visitation (the interior of the house is amazing), part of it is blocked off for private usage.

Here is the description from the Second Life Destination Guide:
Come explore dense forestry or traipse through sandy beaches. Dream, explore... North.

Highly recommended for a visit:


Event Photography: Benja's Rez Day Party at DaPier on Friday Night

You can see Benja's photos here (better than mine):

Friday, August 30, 2013

Seen around the Scene: Ryce and Blogger Ziggy Starsmith at Pure Sound on Wednesday Night

Ziggy is Ryce's good friend and blogs at

Seen Around the Scene at the Carnival Party at Gay Fun World

From the right (above) Kannon Triellis-Ludlow, Ryce Skytower, and Ricogenu. Photographed at the Subway Station on Thursday night - DJ Ralphy Triellis.

Celerate Benja's Fourth Rez Day Today at DaPier at 4:00 PM SLT

Please join me in celebrating Benja's 4th Rez Day today at 4:00 PM SLT at DaPier.

There will be a 1000 Linden contest for best in red or yellow. You can wear both colors if you like.

Mikedacook Dinzeo will be spinning on the decks.

I hope to see you!

SLURL to Party:

Thursday, August 29, 2013