Saturday, July 27, 2013

Editorial From Eddi: It's About Time We Recognize The Unsung Heroes of Second Pride

Pride 2013 Photography by Bock McMillan

Second Pride is a wonderful event.  It has been one of the premier events in Second Life since it's inception.
In June, the LGBT Community of Second Life gets together for a period of about 10 days to celebrate being ourselves, and have a great amount of fun partying on the Second Pride sims.

The fact that Second Pride is user founded and driven makes it even more remarkable. Think about this-- in our virtual world, we put on a celebration that would be the envy of a medium sized city. We united hundreds of people from around the world.  And all of this is due to a huge amount of volunteer time from the Second Pride Board Members who create and manage the event.  No one receives any compensation other than personal satisfaction for their hard work.

You would think that every Second Pride Board Members receives a great deal of thanks and appreciation from our community. The vast majority of us do thank the Second Pride Board, and other contributors including DJ's and bloggers for their time. However, other individuals unfairly attack them, sometimes in very negative and personal ways. Some of the attacks are particularly poisonous since they are made on outside web site, and by anonymous posters. This has become particularly obvious this year, and Second Pride is suffering as a result.

It's time that all of us go out of our way to thank every single Second Pride board member for all the hard work they put in to make Second Pride 2013 this past June such a huge success. In addition, all of us need to get involved in the upcoming Second Pride elections and make sure the right people are elected to continue the amazing Second Pride tradition.

Second Pride needs to be a place of love, where all of us come together. It also needs to be a place where those who support the community are commended for their hard work.  LGBT people worldwide are still, in most cases, second class citizens who are marginalized and unfairly attacked for what we are. Let's make sure this does not happen in our virtual world.

Thanks for reading, Eddi Haskell

Current Second Pride Board Members who deserve out thanks:

Doc Spad                                          Presiding Chair
Kyle Beckett                                      Co-Chair & Secretary
SquirtN Wonder                                Treasurer
Tylo Mabellon                                    Marketing Chair
Dextrum Boucher                               Community Relations
Kharissa Indigo                                  Events Management
Mr Gracemount                                  Building
Baz Ceawlin                                       IT Chair
Tootsie Nootan                                  Security Chair

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  1. Oh yes it is a great event. I really look forward to it. Was not able to spend as much time there this year. The board members truly need our thinks.
    They did a wonderful job.

  2. Thanks Eddie...and on behalf of the entire Board and all of those who worked so hard this year to see a successful festival... I thank you again.
    Pride is on the brink of moving into a new realm of bringing the entire LGBT community together. Please remember to join the in-world Second Pride Festival group and be involved in this years elections. Be part of something special.

  3. I join Eddi to recognize to all who made ​​the Second Pride events possible. Congrats and thanks to all of them!

  4. This is a message from Doc Spad about an election ticket to the Pride board. If anyone knows anything more about this, please leave a comment:

    "I would like to share a few of my thoughts with the rest of the membership concerning the upcoming election.
    One of the best qualified candidates just removed herself from the running after learning about a “ticket” that was created by some of the other candidates.

    There is nothing that forbids any candidate or group of candidates from forming a “ticket” but it does bring to question whether a ticket is built for reasons of bringing the best qualified people together or is the ticket being used to bring together various factions of the community to ensure that the whole ticket is elected regardless of who is best qualified.

    These elections are for the next year’s leadership of Pride. We should all want the BEST candidates to be elected to further the Mission and the goals of Second Pride.
    If a ticket is put together to garner votes from the various groups people belong to.... then we are not doing what is best for Pride.... we are just building support just to get elected.
    I would encourage everyone involved in these elections to take to heart that Pride is on the brink of fulfilling its goals of unifying our community and really doing a great deal of good for all of us.

    I would hope that whether you vote for a “ticket” or not that your choices are well thought out and you are voting for the best qualified people to lead Pride.

    Vote for whom you think answers the questions on the forums best, who you think will serve the Board and Pride the best. Who you honestly think will lead Second Pride to greater heights and greater accomplishment. Ask yourself....what is best for Pride? And make sure THAT is the reason you vote for any particular person.

    Thanks Doc Spad
    Your outgoing Chairperson"


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