Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Great Second Life Destinations: The Italian Village At Lyrica

I did not spend much time at Lyrica and only have these three photographs to show.  It is a very pretty Italian village with some interesting structures on a square flat sim. The main reason to visit is to check out some of the structures and textures used to create some unique build effects.

SLURL to Destination:

Club Photography: The New Aqua Lounge on Tuesday Night With DJ Kaj

Ryce attended this event on Tuesday night, and DJ Kaj Juutilainen kept the crowd entertained as usual with his great classic alternative rock set. A classic event on the LGBT scene in Second Life that keeps on getting better!

For more photography from the event check out NakedCarl's blog:

For more information about the Aqua Lounge:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Gage Shippe

Photographed at Aqua Lounge on Tuesday Night

Great Second Life Destinations: Cross-Country Skiing at Da Vinci Gardens

Da Vinci Gardens has a gorgeous winter sky platform. You can ski, ice skate, ride a sled, dance inside the winter ballroom, take an owl flight, and do many other things. Benja and I did a very nice cross animated cross country ski run, the skis are free and are provided. Highly recommended for a visit.


To see my photography from the Da Vinci Gardens main "italian fantasy" destination:

The Arrival Area of the Winter Sky Platform at Da Vinci Gardens

Seen Around the Scene at Spurt Beach: Cristiano, Mendicare, Ryce, and Sora

Seen around the scene at Spurt Beach tonight