Saturday, June 8, 2013

Photography From My Gallery Opening Today by Guest Photographer Gregoire Ducatillon

The opening of my show today Viva L'Italia! was a great success, with over 60 individuals in attendance throughout the day.  I want to thank Gregoire Ducatillon for taking these great photos. In addition, DJMikedacook Dinzeo, filmmaker Jessicaanne Wrigglesworth who put up with an awful lot of lag when filming, and Gay Fun World/ Virtual Gay World owners and manager Avacar and Rico really did a great job at the event. Thanks to everyone for attending!

The show will stay up for the next few weeks, you can visit it here to see my photography of Italy in Second Life at the Eddi Haskell Gallery:


  1. Great opening and amazing exhibition Eddi, simply u are the best! love u!

    1. What Benja says +1,000! ;)

      Thanks for inviting me Eddi and congratulations to the successful opening of a beautiful exhibition, hugs buddy!


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