Friday, June 28, 2013

Great Second Life Destiantions: The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, The Most Moving Museum in Second Life

Synagogue in Germany Up In Flames Duriing Kristallnacht in November 1938

The U.S. Holocaust Museum is the most moving museum in Second Life. The Main part of the museum has realistic builds and interesting graphic displays,  What makes this museum so moving is their current multimedia show on Kristallnacht, the night of the broken glass all across Nazi Germany which is considered by many historians to be the starting point of the holocaust which slaughtered 6 million Jews across Europe, or one third of the world;s Jewish population at the time.

A Street View of a Burning and Desecrated Synagogue

Over 1,000 Synagogues were destroyed and over 7,000 Jewish Owned Businesses with looted or destroyed across Germany and Austria on that terrible day. That night was a forerunner of what was later to come --- mass extermination of an entire population.

A Ransacked and "Aryanized" Jewish Business is also shown.
Jewish Shop Owners were forced to sell their businesses for pennies since they could not longer stay open

The exhibit, “Witnessing History:  the 1938 Pogroms,” created by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, offers a virtual experience of the "Night of Broken Glass" and its vicious attacks on German Jews.The multimedia exhibit is very well done and combines sounds, recordings of actually witnesses of the vent, interactive graphics, in a realistic and dark build of a German urban center in 1938

the exterior and design of the U.S. Holocaust Museum are very well done

Make sure your sound and media are on to experience the multimedia aspects of this exhibit.

I am giving you two landmarks.  It is had to find the entrance to the main multimedia exhibit and the last Slurl with put you right inside.

SLURL To Main Building:

SLURL inside Kristallnacht Exihbit:

Fountain the the Endurance to the Museum Office

The entrance area with famous quotes such as this one by Eli Wiesel 

Photography is also used to show the beginning of the war against the German Jews

Interactive Bulletin Boards Contain Much Information

The dark and foreboding entrance to the exhibit gives an idea of the fear this must of caused 

A ransacked Jewish classroom

Interactive schoolboard shows the fate of German School children

Anti-Semitic literature on a Kiosk Display Inducing the Notorious Der Sturmer  Newspaper

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