Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Congratulations Ryce Skytower's Second Life For Reaching 100,00 Page Views!

It's not every day you can congratulate your alt for reaching a blogging milestone!  As most know, Ryce Skytower is my Second Account in Second Life -- and lets me chill out when I come inworld.

Ryce.s blog, Ryce Skytower's Second Life reached 100,000 pageviews today for the first time.

Ryce Skytower's Second Life started publishing in October 2009 with deeply thought provoking and intellectual content.  Take a look at some of our first posts to see how much impact Ryce Skytower's Second Life has made to international journalism and the literary arts. Is a Pulitzer Prize in the works for Ryce?  This just could be the year!

Way to go Ryce!

Ryce/s First Posts From October 2009 include:

Going to the Gym Pays Off!

Too Much Sun!


I'm Surfin!  Look! No Waves!


  1. I join you in congratulating your alt, Eddi!

    Great work, Ryce, and soon you will reach a million!

  2. Ryce thanks you Bock! He is quite happy with this milestone though. Blogging is hard work after all and it takes time away from his favorite hobby, hair care.

  3. I admit it, Ryce has impacted to me alot! :) Congrats my love!!!


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