Thursday, June 6, 2013

Celbrate Italy in Second Life: The Cathedral at Mantova, A Highly Realistic Low-Prim Treasure

Mantova, or Mantua is a city in the Lombardy area of Northern Italy, and has a realization on its own sim next to a Venice vitalization. While I am not that impressed by the surrounding construction, which has too many signs and is too overwhelmingly commercial to be appreciated, I was very impressed by the on-site visualization of Mantua's Cathedral (Duomo di Mantova). Although it relies on low-prim textures, and not three dimensional prims for effect, it works remarkably well.  In fact, it is one of the most realistic cathedrals in Second Life -- but don't look too carefully since you will see the limitations of these types of builds.

I highly recommend it for a visit, especially for anyone interested in building a an authentic looking structure on a low prim allowance. You can visit the Cathedral and the surrounding shops here:

The Actual Mantua Cathedral Interior

If you love Italy and its's gorgeous architecture I have an exhibition open  at Virtual Gay World of Italian Sims in Second Life. I have taken over 25 huge photographs which show how good building in Second Life can be. The exhibit will be open through the month of June 2013 and you can visit it here:

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