Monday, June 17, 2013

Ask Eddi: How do I kill a roach on my ceiling without it flying at me?

Better be careful with that shotgun Brittany!

This question comes from Brittany in Yahoo Answers:

There is a roach on my ceiling and I am very much afraid of them...they creep me out. I'm terrified that it will fly at me. How can I kill it when I don't have any bug spray and I would prefer to keep my distance if possible. 
My answer:

You need to be careful Brittany!

If you get to close to it for any reason it may fall on you. So if you try to swat it, it could land on your head.

Most roaches do not fly unless you live in a place like Florida. We give them a cute nickname, Palmetto Bugs, and try to act like they are more quaint than regular roaches.

You do not really have much of a choice unless you get some bug spray. Do not try shooting it with a gun, because you can freak out your neighbors. Also make sure no one is above the bug on the next floor if you actually do try to shoot it.

Britttany's reply to me after selecting my answer as best:

LOL!!! I don't think that I would shoot it! LOL. And yes, that just might freak out my neighbors! Thanks!


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Palmetto Bugs Get Huge in Florida

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