Sunday, May 5, 2013

Second Life Produce Reviews: The Venice Hotel Skybox by Bartlett and Nielsen

The gorgeous Bartlett and Nielsen Venice Hotel Slybox

Belle Bartlett and Blaze Nielsen's Bartlett and Nielsen Store  is one of my favorite in Second Life. I like the yachts (Benja and I use one as our home), homes, furnishings, and "adult animation items" (sex beds and stuff). I especially like their skyboxes, two of which I have reviewed here before - check further down in this article for the links.

The skyboxes are beautifully done and featured, imaginative, well equipped with animations, and very well priced. I especially like one of the newer skyboxes- The Venice Hotel Skybox. Just looking at it puts me back in Venice,  my favorite city in the world.  The interior of the hotel is gorgeous, and the mood of the place is unlike any Second Life skybox you have seen.  Make sure to visit, it is a destination on its own.


Contains over 900 animations on various indoor and outdoor furniture including a great bed and tub on the second level of the hotel.

The dome includes 12 holograph scenes that you may choose by menu.

Background sound effects include church bells, Italians talking, and water lapping on the canal.


Prims: 2100 (ncluding all furniture)

Size: Dome measures 60 x 60 meters

Price: $23,000 Linden

No copy, no mod, no transfer. However, you may rez and de-rez the build easily as many times as you like. 
Background sound effects include church bells, Italians talking, and water lapping on the canal.

To visit the skybox:

To find out more read the marketplace review:


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Link to Second Life Marketplace Store:

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