Friday, May 31, 2013

Ryce Skytower and Benja Aquila To Appear in New College Textbook "Sociology for Health Professionals".

This picture of Ryce and Benja will appear in a new textbook to be published in December by Sage Publications, a leading publisher of society journals and college level academic material based in London.

The textbook is called Sociology for Health Professionals. The author of the publication contacted Eddi Haskell for permission to use the image in one of the chapters of the textbook about sexuality. The chapter talks about s about how the internet has provided a safe place for people to experiment sexually, avatars being one example. The author felt that this image of Ryce and Benja illustrated this concept perfectly.

This web site will be mentioned in the credits section of the new textbook.

You can find the Sage facebook page here:

Sage on Facebook

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