Monday, May 6, 2013

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Miguel Ortiz Mr. Gay Europe 2012

19 year-old drop-dead gorgeous Miguel Ortiz from Seville Spain is the current Mr. Gay Europe. Miguel is currently studying  to become a national policeman, and lists playing drums, rowing, reading, and going from time to time to the cinema with the friends as his hobbies. He says that he loves watching horror movies.

If you want to see a very hot video which really is almost soft core, look at the first video where he and his friend show their perfect bare butts. I need to ask Benja, but I think this type of commercial  is acceptable for mainstream television in Spain. The video where he is interviewed, the second one down, is cute too.  I have absolutely no idea what he is saying but Spanish is a totally hot language especially coming out of Miguel's mouth.

What you need to know about Spanish men, of which Miguel is just one very hot example (I can speak from first hand experience),  is that they do not really try to be sexy and masculine and incredibly desirable.  They just are. Please enjoy these photographs.


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  1. Sure like to check you out in the shower


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