Friday, May 10, 2013

Must See Second Life Art Installations: Ascension, A Very Cool LEA Project, Sim Party at 12:00 Noon Tomorrow

Ascension is a very cool LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) project by Mantis Oh (in real life- Cari Lekebusch, located in Stockholm, Sweden) .  It combines several club locations on a very well done alien world terrain (see images below). In fact, it is one of the best science fiction builds I have seen in Second Life. Highly recommended for a visit.

Published Description of Sim and Events:

This is a Linden endowed sound & art SIM installation by Mantis Oh.  Enter the Ascension tower (ground level) and explore the 7 ascending levels. It is vital for SIM experience that you have a minimum of 96 meters draw distance. Sounds should be turned up maximum in the volume control settings. SIM also features glow, light, shine, scripted creatures, animated textures, particles and interactive sound effects. In the event areas (Sphinx club, Ultra club, Beach club plus secret areas) there will be a line of parties and informational events held during the ongoing LEA period.

There is also a special side mission treasure hunt. Find the mystical orbs scattered around the island, after speaking to the well of knowledge.


To visit:

To find out more about Ascension:

To find out more about artist Cari Lekesbusch:



You Tube:

These photographs were taken by myself -- the machinima is by Cari Lekebusch

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