Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Make Sure to Visit This Second Life Art Installation - "Echoes in the Garden"

There is Eddi flying around and using a telephone

I love well done interactive art installations. "Echoes in the Garden" is an interactive installation about Susa Bubble.  It is moody and somewhat stange, and very atmospheric. You walk around these strange shapes and objects, and hear the inner workings of child's mind. You look at pigs heads, and eyeballs, and butterflies, and other strange things.  It all works well, and is very recommended for a visit.

Use with a mesh viewer, and make sure and your volume is up so you can hear the interactive sound effects. There is no music stream.

The yellow tears in the exhibit are poseballs. The ones I found allowed me to do a cool flying animation (top photo), and dance with some fun pigs (see the photo below).

My photography uses Windlight [TOR]Dusk somber rose, which is one of the recommended sky settings for using when visiting the exhibit.

SLURL to Exhibit::

Dancing with the three pigs is cool

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