Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eurovision Explained -- For Perplexed North Americans. And the Winner is Denmark?

Emmelie de Forest  - the 2013 Winner!

All of Europe it seems was into the Eurovision Song Contest last night.  The winner was Emmelie de Forest from Denmark with some song called Teardrops, which beat out an entry from the nation of Azerbaijan to win.

If you are confused about Eurovision, and why so many people are into this, let me try to explain from the viewpoint of an American who lived in Europe for many years (me):

1. The Eurovision song contest has been going on for a long time, since 1956. Every country in Europe and others in Asia get to compete -- a large number, I think something like over 50, get to compete.

2. Countries vote for winners, and alliances occur -- Cyprus might vote for Greece since they speak the same language, for example.

3. Yes, most of the songs are atrocious. Sorry for any Danish readers, the song below is bad. Seriously, is this the best Europe can do?  Some break outs such as Abba started out winning Eurovision, but for the most past, it is bad. I have no idea how anyone can sit through this without being drunk or stoned and put up with this.

4. Most of the female singers like Emmelie below start off singing as if they just have achieved orgasm. She is not the only one who begins the performance by howling.

4. Here is what I cannot understand.  Do you Europeans LIKE these songs or do you know how bad they are and treat it as comedy?  This is a huge thing in Europe. One lady I know from Belgium said that as a young girl, she would listen to all the songs and memorize them and sing along.  I was not sure if she was winding me up or not. So Europeans who read this, please let us know --- do you really think these songs for the most part are good?

So there you have it North Americans, the international music festival explained.


  1. I'm not a fan of Eurovision, for this reason I did not watch the festival on television yesterday (the true is I dined out).

    After reading the post of Eddi, I've watched the videos of some performances and I have to admit that I don't like any. I think is a decadent festival, with several bad singers and worst choreography. But the true is this festival has loyal followers and occasionally participate good singers and songs.

    In any case, surprised North Americans, do not worry for us, the Europeans have more and bigger problems, and that festival could be a good way to forget them for a while, it entertains some and makes others laugh.

    12 points to Eddi's post!

  2. Pffft Mr. Haskell is just jealous that we actually do broadcast our worst singers! ;)

    In the spirit of Benja above, I give this post eight points (repeated in French as it always should be) huit points!


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