Sunday, May 26, 2013

Club Photography: The Machine at Folsom Rising With DJ Lexi and Host Christian on Saturday Night

These guys are really hunky!

The Machine was crowded last night, it was my first time there. DJ Lexi really packs them in for events!  If I were a club owner, I would try to grab Lexi since he has a way of filling events up and has some free time on his hands now. DJ Lexi and his partner and host Christian Holland have been great friends of mine for a long time, and really are great to hang out with.

For more photography from this event, head over to Ryce's blog:
(warning adult content readers 18+ please)

I came as Eddi and Ryce both at different times. That is Ryce in the chaps. 

This is me in the shorts in the middle with my hot new avatar that Zim Gunsberg designed  (he picked out one of his  Agape shapes for me) and helped me put together. 

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