Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cloud Party Makes Progress, But Still No Second Life Competitor


I returned to Cloud Party, the browser-based virtual world that originally was tied into Face Book, but is now independent of it. You can still register and join with Facebook but independent options exist. Although there has been great improvement in term of graphics, avatar choice, and building options it still is not a serious Second Life competitor. I do not see many people dropping their involvement in Second Life and switching it here. On the other hand, it is definitely worth a look around. Things may drastically change with another year or two of development.

I found the avatar and camera controls hard to use, but I am not well versed in the interfact, and used my screen saver for photography.

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  1. Cloud Party is dying really fast. Too much stubbornness from the makers to listen to suggestions by user has meant that Cloud Party is now has more lag than Second Life and IMVU put together. Even suggestions to modify the start zone so that everyone is not crammed into awkward corners is ignored. Sure it now has a lot of nice zones but they can not be viewed unless you can afford to upgrade your hardware every month. Some zones have so much mesh products it is hard to view the whole zone properly.
    People that have super fast computers do not appreciate the fact that most new users will probably have the cheapest computer they can buy. Instead of breaking up the zones so you vision is not cluttered CP continues to allow creators to add very high tri count meshes. One gets the impression the crew don't care too much about users as they can always get jobs in other parts of the sofware industry.


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