Friday, May 17, 2013

Celebrate Norwegian National Day by Visiting Tromso Sim in Springtime, One of Second Life's Most Satisfying Destinations

Tromso City Hall in Spring (in background)

The beautiful and breath-taking nation of Norway celebrates it's 199th  National Day today. Norway is very well represented in Second Life, and I am sure there will celebrations at the beautiful Second Norway series of sims for you to visit today.

Today would also be a great day to visit Jimmy Warbaum's Tromso Sim.  I have featured this perfectly designed gem of a destination several times here in the past year (you can find links under the next paragraph). Tromso is a very scenic city inside the Arctic Circle, and has an amazingly mild climate for being this far north due to the warming effects of the Arctic Current. Jimmy has done an excellent job in building a reasonable facsimile of the city in the confines of a sim. His own lighting effects approximates a day cycle which show the Northern Lights during the right time of the year here.

Highly recommended for a visit.

Realistic Norwegian Stores and Houses on the Sim

Note: I will be featuring an article on the Tromso Library (a gorgeous modern structure which you can see in the 5th photograph down) which is located on this sim later this month. 


SLURL to Tromso:

For Information on Second Norway (note not part of Tromso sim)

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Winter in Second Norway

The Lighthouse with Cathedral Visible From Behind

The Tromso Arctic Cathedral

The New Tromso Library, to be featured in an article here later this month

A View of the Roof of the Library

Jimmy Warbaum, Builder and Estate Owner of Tromso

Ryce sitting at a campfire in Tromso

The Norwegian National Anthem

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