Friday, May 31, 2013

Attention LGBT Organizations: Information on Participation in SL10B

Message from Garth Raleigh
Lead, Gay Archipelago

The Gay Archipelago has been awarded an exhibition parcel in the HUGE grid-wide upcoming 10th birthday of Second Life (SL10B) which opens June 16th and runs through June 28th, 2013.

Our application was submitted with our request to include and feature information on the entire SL LGBT Community – and now is your chance to be a part of this celebration!

Leading architect, Fran Ghoststar-SIX has designed and built an amazing structure (tour de LGBT) for us and will be assembling the exhbit for everyone at the LGBT COMUNITY parcel in SL10B.

We’re inviting ALL SL LGBT estates, sims and organizations to join in and not only celebrate the birthday of SL, but to make the presence of our incredibly-diverse LGBT community here in SL known.

The theme of SL10B is ‘Looking forward, Looking back.’ Where we have been; what we have achieved; where we are now and our future goals and dreams.


Please contact Garth Raleigh, Fran Ghoststar or Othon Weiland (NC, please as IM’s get capped easily) to receive your SL10B TV, in which you will be able to load an LM and photos from your sim/estate/organization. This will be returned by you to Fran Ghoststar for placement within the LGBT COMMUNITY exhibit on the SL10B fair-grounds.

Please read and understand all ‘Event policies’ at as you prepare your information.


Garth Raleigh
Lead, Gay Archipelago

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