Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Important Message From Doc Spad, Presiding Chair of Second Pride

Note from Eddi:

This is a message from Doc Spad, Presiding Chair of Second Pride

To find out more about Second Pride, and the 2013 Second Pride Festival which occurs from June 14 - 23 this year, head over to


Over the last year Second Pride has worked to create to reasonable and effective way to utilize the funds entrusted to it from our sponsors, members and attendees of last years Second Pride Festival. Last years Board made the decision to use these funds in-world to benefit our LGBT community here in Second Life. The Second Pride Region is the product of those efforts.

By creating a permanent place for all facets of our community to come together, share, support and learn about each other, we feel that this best advances the mission of Pride while providing each of our communities advocacy, educational,  and support groups an opportunity to be seen at the festival and have their message heard year round on the Second Pride sim. Meeting spaces, an event venue, and a message center will be available to any and all LGBT nonprofits. Office spaces and a place to showcase your group will all be provided for free. For some this may be as little as a Landmark  to your existing location, or a possible a satellite location. For those interested, we welcome you to make a permanent home on the Second Pride Region. All is provided free of charge.

I’m pleased to announce that our home is nearly complete and will be the center of the festival this year. We have also secured two additional full private regions donated for the festival. Having the festival on full private regions will allow for better control of the festival grounds and provide less lag and a better experience for all attendees. We are no longer paying Linden Labs for their limited mainland sims.

The Board , through many open public discussions with our members, has also relaunched PRISM, our quarterly LGBT community newsletter. This publication is available for LGBT nonprofits to voice their views, educate the community and “get the word out” of their work in Second Life as well as real world efforts. We have also started Second Pride Radio which streams 24/7 on multiple channels which is available for LGBT advocacy, educational, and support groups to advertise, for free, their activities and services to the community. is the official Second Pride website and we hope it will become a central clearinghouse for “all things LGBTQ” in Second Life. Soon a complete listing, to include SLURLs will be available on the website so that anyone can learn about your group and all educational, support, and advocacy efforts taking place in Second Life.

Help us help you in “getting the word out” about YOUR group and the good it is doing for our LGBT community.

We know that all LGBT groups within Second Life do not always get along, or that they do not all share the same goals or aspirations. Like Pride festivals in real life, we would hope that OUR pride festival will be reflective of the ENTIRE LGBT community and be a place where we can share our common goals of equality, fairness, and inclusion.  Pride is a celebration of our “gayness” and to acknowledge all that we have accomplished through our’s also a chance to look at the future and what we still have to do. We can better accomplish our common goals as a united LGBT community...join us and be part of the largest and most visible LGBT gathering in Second Life.

Let's Celebrate!!!!

If you are a Non-profit or thinking of starting a support, advocacy, or educational group, but needs a home, Please contact me so we can show you what we are offering and how we might help in letting the rest of the community learn of your group.

Doc Spad
2013 Chairperson
Second Pride

Second Pride Prism Magazine

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