Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Netherlands Gets A New King and Queen Today- The First King in 123 Years

Queen Maxima, Former Queen Beatrix, and King Willem Alexander of The Netherlands  

The Netherlands gets a new King and Queen today at about 10:30 am in the morning Amsterdam time. Queen Beatrix will abdicate, and King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima (from Argentina) will take over. The Dutch do not have coronations, they have something like an inauguration ceremony

The New Royal Family On the Balcony at the Royal Palace This Morning

Willem Alexander will be the first King of the Netherlands in 123 years. Three great woman, Queen Wilhelmina (my video on her is below) who was the symbol of Dutch resistance during the Second World War, Queen Juliana, his grandmother, and his mother, Queen Beatrix all have abdicated (Queen Beatrix will  today) and get well-earned retirements.

A Crowd of Over One Million Gathers in Amsterdam

I have a special connection with the Netherlands, I went to school there for a year and lived in Amsterdam. It was one of the finest years of my life, and I grew to love the country and the people. I plan to celebrate like eveyrone else today on the last Queen's Day National Holiday for a while.  The national holiday will now change to King's Day and be celebrated on April 27, on Willem's birthday. However, since Willem and Maxima's children are female, The Netherlands should have a new Queen sometimes before 2050.

Eddi Lived on the Second Floor of the Second House from the Right in Amsterdam

The video on Queen Wilhelmina, by me, is set to the National Anthem of The Netherlands, Het Wilhemus, considered the oldest in the world. Please listen to it.

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