Saturday, April 20, 2013

News From Blue Mars: Virtual Roman Pantheon with interactive to debut next month.

Roman Pantheon to open next month in Blue Mars.

Blue Mars, the graphically advanced Virtual World, which essentially stopped development in January 2011 due to a shortage of funds, continues to surprise. The platform is still up== you can still create an avatar and walk around the gorgeous but deserted world  (I have seen a total of three people in-world in the last several months) . I like to go back and visit every month or so since so many of the destinations are so nice to visit. To be honest, I also go back to make sure that Blue Mars is still online.

to open an account (note:  The interface is much easier to master than Second Life's for a beginner:

Roman Pantheon Interior

I just noticed this press release dated April 17 from IDIA Lab and Avatar Reality, the parent company of Blue Mars.  The Press release concerns. the Roman Pantheon project that is scheduled to open in Blue Mars next month.  This build in these photographs is absolutely stunning. It may breathe some new  life into this potentially great platform.

The Solar Alignment Simulation of the Roman Pantheon in Blue Mars was developed under consultation with Dr. Robert Hannah of New Zealand, one of the world’s foremost scholars on Pantheon solar alignments, and archaeologist Dr. Bernard Frischer. The project will premiere in May 2013 and will include new solar simulation software, an interactive HUD and a new Non Player Character system developed in partnership between IDIA Lab and Avatar Reality (the parent company of Blue Mars

Blue Mars technology was "sold" to IDIA Lab in early 2012. IDIA Lab is part of Ball State University in Indiana in the Midwestern United States and has a very advanced virtual reality and virtual world component in its curriculum. Take a look at their web and You Tube channels here:

IDIA Lab has also built a simulation of Hadrian's Villa (above) that is not part of the Avatar Reality / Blue Mars project, which may have something to do with the "interactive HUD and non-player character system (whatever that means) that will be released in May 2013. ,

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