Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make Sure to Visit Fantasy Faire Before Sunday. 10 Amazing Sims for Relay for Life

The Gorgeous Chinese Pavilion at Lotus Valley Dreams

Relay for Life is a continuous fund raising event for the American Cancer Society. Each year, more than 4 million people in over 20 countries take part in this global phenomenon and raise much-needed funds and awareness to save lives from cancer.  Second Life has several Relay for Life events throughout the year.
The last time I checked, over $1.6 million dollars (that is real dollars, not Linden) has been raised in Second Life over the past 8 years for this organization.  The goal for 2013 is over $500,000 U.S. dollars.

The current event, the  fifth annual Fantasy Faire, is being held on 10 sims and is simply a wonder to behold. It is very crowded; Benja and I found that by rezzing at the Lotus Valley Dreams site, on one of the 10 sims, we were able to rez quicker than the main landing area which you can walk to from here.

Lotus Valley Dreams is sponsored by The Looking Glass which I have reviewed and photographed here.
This sim is simply gorgeous and is a Chinese fantasy of palaces, dragons, airships, and pavilions. Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee did an incredible job.  I took these photographs using the sepia windlight setting

To visit:

Benja and I were fortunate enough to meet Mossflower Schumann, builder (she claims to be the decorator) of the wonderful Picklemoon Sims which I have reviewed here. We are photographed with Mossflower in the photo below. You can see my reviews and photography here:



Ryce Skytower, Mossflower Schumann, and Benja Aquila,

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