Thursday, April 25, 2013

Great Second Life Destinations: Beautiful Goatswood, A Victorian Gothic Residential Roleplay Village

Goatswood Entrance Chamber - Make Sure to Get Your Observer Tag

SGS has several interesting and beautifully built role play destinations in Second Life, the most well known being dark vampire-haunted Venexia, a destination which I have photographed extensively over the past two years.  A newer destination, open since last November, is Goatswood, a very well built and designed English village from the Victorian era (1840 - 1899).

Arriving at Goatswood Station

Goatswood is simply one of the most atmospheric and authentic builds anywhere in Second Life.  Harry Potter fans will feel right at home.  You can literally smell the roasting meats, the bakery, and the coal fires as you walk around this enchanted town.

Touch the red mushrooms you see on the ground if you want note cards explaining the history of Goatswood and character development.  If you like novels, you can imagine the story emerging around you.

Goatswood is a role play sim.  Try to fit in when you visit.  You will need a three-day observer tag to enter (the train is a teleport) which you can get for free when you visit.

I think it is important to respect others when you visit a roleplay area  and try to to talk too much in chat if you are not familiar with role play character emoting as you walk around.  (I tried to role play in Venexia but found that I was not very good at emoting a Renaissance character).

You can some nice free or very expensive outfits on SL Marketplace if you type in "Victorian" in the apparel category. Black Opal designs has some very nice period costumes for ladies and gents that are free. You can find their online store here:

I took these photographs of Goatswood randomly, and used a foggy light setting in environmental editor
to get the soft light and "foggy" look (actually pollution from burning coal) that we associate in industrial Victorian Britain.

Very highly recommended for a visit.  Especially recommended for Harry Potter fans. I plan to go back.

To visit Goatswood:

to find out more:

Map of Goatswood

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