Sunday, April 28, 2013

Great Architecture: New York's Woolworth Building 100 Years Old This Week

The magnificent Woolworth Building  in New York City, one of the most gorgeous skyscrapers ever built,  turned 100 on this week.  The Woolworth Building, still impressively  rising to 792 feet/ 241 meters was the tallest building in the until surpassed by the magnificent art deco Chrysler Building  (1930)  and Empire State Buildings (1931).

Gothic fantasy, and not art deco -- which would come later --, is the style in which it was built. The lobbies and interiors are magnificent, and could not be reproduced today without extraordinary cost.  There is a gargoyle of department store magnate Frank Woolworth holding a model of the building in the lobby which I show below.

To find out more about the Woolworth Building:

Statue of Frank Woolworth Holding Model of Skyscraper in Lobby

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