Friday, April 19, 2013

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Romantic Ocho Tango, Where You Can Dance All Night In a Very Romantic Setting

Ocho Tango resembles the vast Pampas or grasslands of Argentina, an expanse of flat and fertile farmland that stretches clear to the horizon. The main building is devoted to the Tango, the romantic and sexy Argentine dance that started in 1890 and took the rest of the world by storm. Go with your partner for a very Romantic evening, Benja and Ryce went of course and will share their images in a few days. Well worth a visit and a great place for photography.  I used the standard sim light setting in the first photography for that reddish sunset effect.

While you are at it make sure to visit the DAD Design Store, accessible by teleport, and featuring some very well done home and garden items.

SLURL to Destination

Here are Jaedlyn and Keith. a very nice and hot couple who agreed to let me photography them when I visited the location.

The DAD Design Store which I recommend you visit- there is a teleport accessible from the main landing point of the sim.

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