Monday, April 8, 2013

Congratulations Ziggy Starsmith On The Edge Of Second Life... For Breaking the 100,000 Page View Mark

Fellow Blogger Ziggy Starsmith has recently broken the 100,000 Page View mark for his excellent blog,  Ziggy Starsmith On The Edge Of Second Life. Ziggy first started publishing his blog in November 2009 and has delivered great photography and commentary on Second Life from his own unique perspective.

I want to wish Ziggy all the best and hope that he will continue to publish since he does such a great service to the Second Life community.  The second 100,000 will be here before he knows it!

Check Ziggy's blog out here"


  1. Thanks Eddi but I do wish to point out it is not about page views for me because it could all be from one voyeuristic, drooling avatar constantly watching the steamy pictures of naked Bock McMillan ;-) but it is nice to see that someone is looking at my bullshit :-)


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