Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Celebrating France in Second Life Week: The Chapel at Chateau de Versailles

The famous Royal Chapel at Versailles, recognized as a Baroque masterpiece, was the focal point of one of the final building campaigns of the enormous Palace of Versailles. It is also the best done feature of Second Life Versailles, and visualizes the columns, marble, detailing, and art of the original. I found the effects of perspective to be very effective in photographing this realistic structure. I especially liked the effect of the painted mural on the ceiling which I show here - the effect was amazingly realistic.

To visit:

I have a new gallery featuring large-scale landscape photography. Through April 30, I will be featuring the photography of France in his gallery.  You can visit my new gallery here:

I also have a related feature on the photography of virtual France sims in the April issue of GMP magazine which you can find here on page 72:

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